Highly recommend! Dr. Z is friendly, professional, and provides outstanding care.  He has helped me recover from an auto injury, poor body mechanics from my computer work, and knee pain.  I always leave feeling better and more knowledgeable about my body.  The office manager, Amy, is wonderful! She is very helpful and always able to squeeze me in when needed.  My  whole family benefits from Dr. Z's recommended vitamins and supplements.  I love the healthy cleaning supplies, nail polish, and organic snacks they sell at their beautiful office.  Dr. Z has helped my young sons feel better, too.  We give ZFC five stars!

‐Theresa S.

Zdilla Family Chiropractic has helped me, as well as my family members (husband, daughter, father, mother, mother‐in-law).  I had tendonitis for many years and carpal tunnel when I was pregnant.  For a long time, I used a strap on my arm for it which was not helping.  With a few visits to Dr. Zdilla, it really turned things around for my arm.  Also, as a child I had mild scoliosis.  I had been to a few chiropractors for treatments over the years.  By far, Dr. Zdilla has helped on so many occasions! My daughter and I enjoy the “Better For You” products.  We love Zoya nail care and we use the supplements with good results.  And as always we are well taken care of by the office manager! We love Zdilla Family Chiropractic!

‐Heather J.

Two herniated discs made everyday activities extremely difficult.  Surgery was a very real possibility, but Dr. Zdilla suggested that before that costly procedure was attempted, five or six treatments might be worthwhile.  That was 3 years ago, and with periodic adjustments, most physical activities have been resumed with very little pain! Also, severe tendonitis in my left arm prohibited me from raising my arm above my head.  After Dr. Zdilla applied kinesio tape, along with several follow‐up office treatments, flexibility returned, pain subsided, and shooting basketball is now a part of my weekly gym regimen.

‐Nick D.

I have had a cough for well over a year all day.  Dr. Z was able to pinpoint the issue on my first visit and treated me! I have not coughed since the treatment.  I highly recommend Dr. Z.

-Robyn R.


I had plantar fasciitis in my right heel for one year.  Saw other doctors and had shots and the pain returned.  After seeing Dr. Zdilla for two months, my pain is gone and did not come back! It has been over 6 months.  I highly recommend Dr. Zdilla.  He was wonderful!

-Jenny M.


Zdilla Family Chiropractic is an amazing chiropractic office.  Dr. Zdilla and his wife, Amy, really take the time to get to know their patients.  I always feel as though I'm visiting with friends that just  happen to be in my doctors office.  I have had chiropractic care for many years and would recommend Dr. Zdilla to anyone who needs a doctor to really listen and customize your care.  Dr. Zdilla's techniques are always different and customized to what I need to feel better.  Not all chiropractors do the types of therapies he provides.

-Jenna S.


I scheduled an appointment with ZFC because of extreme foot pain that I experienced while trying to run.  I was unable to run for more than a half mile without experiencing extreme foot pain.  My pain was relieved by 90% after my first visit and I ran three miles after my first appointment.  My problem was resolved after 4 visits.  Thank you!

-Jason B.


I came to Dr. Zdilla after several  different treatments gave me no relief from the nagging pain in my back and shoulders.  After a few visits, I can say I am pain free! Thank you Dr. Zdilla.

-Evangeline N.

I have been going to see Dr. Zdilla for awhile now.  He has helped me a lot.  I have a lot of arthritis and neck problems.  I have gotten so much relief from coming to Zdilla Family Chiropractic.  I have been noticing my blood pressure has actually lowered since we've been working on my neck.  This is great because I have had high blood pressure for years and have been on a lot of medicine and I think Dr. Zdilla is really helping me a lot.

-Kim L.

I contacted Dr. Zdilla regarding Lipo-Light to jump start losing weight.  The results were amazing and happy to say I am down from a size 16 to a size 10 in five months.  Dr. Zdilla's advice on nutrition taught me it isn't necessary to count calories or buy expensive food programs.  Eating good food is what worked.  Not only did I lose almost 40 pounds, my allergies have improved and I haven't had any problems with gout or the feeling food is stuck in my throat.  The knowledge I gained not only helped me lose weight but also gave me the confidence I won't gain weight again.

-Janet G.

I have been a patient for just one week and notice considerable less pain.  I highly recommend Dr Zdilla.  The day after my first visit he called the house to see how I felt.  Doctors just don't do that now-a-days.  His office hours are perfect for the working person.

-Ellen K.

I started coming to Dr. Zdilla’s office last year after dealing with a neck injury from several years ago that was plaguing me.  After a few short visits, I was able to bend, stretch, and move my neck in ways I hadn’t been able to in 10 years! I had no idea my injury was as severe as it was.  I just “got used to it”! Now I feel better than I have in years and continue to see Dr. Zdilla for maintenance.  Additionally, the office is bright, clean and Amy is very friendly and helpful.  After a while, you start to feel like family.  I highly recommend Dr. Zdilla’s practice to anyone needing a respectable chiropractor.

‐Karen J.


I am a teenager and I highly recommend Dr. Zdilla! The drive to his  office is nearly an hour from my house, but the time taken out of my day is completely worth it.  Before coming to Dr. Z., I was having stress and anxiety issues, but the vitamins he recommended and the chiropractic  adjustments have helped tremendously.  I play basketball, golf, and run cross country.  These sports can beat up my body.  Dr. Z. makes sure I am at my best for all of my sports.  When you stop by his office, make sure you say "hi" to the fish!

‐John M.


Just want to thank Dr. Z and Amy for the very good service and care they give me.  Anytime I call for an appointment, Amy gets me in fast.  A lot of the time I can barely move when I go for my first visit and Dr. Z fixes me up in 3 - 4 visits.  I'll be there one day and the next visit Doc can't believe how much I've improved.  Sometimes he asks if I'm the same patient.  If anyone needs a great Chiropractor, Dr. Z is your man.  Thanks again!

-Rosemary S.


I recently had Lipo-Light therapy at Zdilla Family Chiropractic.  It  was an amazing experience.  After the first treatment, I saw positive results.  Not only do I look better but my eating habits have improved.  Dr. Zdilla put me on the right track to a better me.  The office is so welcoming and friendly, I felt as if I'd known them forever.  Highly recommend the treatments.

-Linda W.

I've been a patient of Dr. Zdilla's for nearly 5 years.  He has helped to improve the quality of my life by alleviating my neck, back and hip pain.  Amy is most welcoming upon arrival and always willing to schedule appointments to accommodate my schedule.  My husband, daughter and son are also patients.  Dr. Zdilla has helped each of them with varying chiropractic needs over the years.  Our family can't say enough to compliment Zdilla Family Chiropractic on their professional, friendly, caring and holistic approach to the delivery of chiropractic care and healthy living.  

-Annette M.

Dr. Z. knows exactly what to do whenever I explain what hurts.  I never  really believed in chiropractors until I went to him.  My husband and I think he is great!

-Norma P.

Over the past few weeks I have been receiving treatments from Dr. Zdilla.  I have been noticing that I have been able to go longer periods of time without being in pain.  I have also been noticing better range of motion and a lot less numbness.  Dr. Zdilla's treatments have not been like the traditional treatments I have been receiving and that is why I believe they work better.

-Ryan B.

Dr. Zdilla has helped me tremendously! After weeks of stiffness and soreness and very limited range of motion in both my neck and my thumb, I finally visited Dr. Zdilla and experienced relief the very first visit.  He worked with my muscles in the office and taught me exercises and stretches to do at home to further my recovery.  I was better and back to normal in a week and a half.  Dr. Zdilla is thorough and knowledgeable and provides friendly, professional, effective service.  I would highly recommend him to all!

-Lydia K.

Lipo-Light and Dr. Zdilla's advice on nutrition helped me lose 69 pounds in almost five months.  This is not a diet but learning what foods are healthy and nutritious.  It is a life change to learn eating healthy is not hard.  I highly recommend trying the program!  I feel great and my energy has increased!

-Thomas G.

 After months of searching for an answer to my daughter's tailbone pain from numerous specialists, a friend of mine referred me to Dr. Zdilla.  He was able to find the issue on the first visit, which we were so thankful for.  We found that most professionals were not willing to work with the tailbone (coccyx), but he was willing to work with her issue to bring her relief.  He thoroughly explains all procedures and makes sure that his patient's comfort and privacy are respected.  Zdilla's care is always done with the utmost professionalism.  
If you are looking for a great chiropractor with work-friendly hours, easy  scheduling, and an awesome office environment, look no further!  You are in good hands! 

-Rebecca H.